Chuck Gilbreth’s Ghost Bike Will Not Be Removed

Chuck Gilbreth's ghost bike sans the violation notice. Photo: Sara Kazemi

While on the road I received a voicemail from Cynthia Harris, Council Representative & Policy Advisor to Councilmember Marti Emerald. This is what she said (in part),

I just want you to know that I spoke with Environmental Services. They’re going to hold off [removing the Chuck Gilbreth ghost bike]; they won’t refer [the complaint] to Street Division. The bike should not be removed. I would not be too concerned; we did speak with them. Part of this was the lack of communication on my part. Apparently there were a couple of complaints from folks who did not realize that it was a memorial that were referred straight to Environmental Services. We just followed up on that and let them know that yes, it is a memorial.

Thank you to everyone who called or emailed Councilmember Emerald’s Office. I’d like to echo Randy Van Vleck, the Active Transportation Manager for the City Heights CDC who praised Councilmember Marti Emerald and her staff stating that they “have been huge supporters of livable streets. This is yet another example of her committment to the principles of the Complete Streets Act and supporting efforts thereof; such as this effort to raise awareness about this dangerous road segment.”